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Generalized Cleansing

Data Cleansing

Clean, Standardize, and Reformat Any Data Type

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Generalized Cleansing

In the era of big data, data stewards spend a large amount of time doing “data janitor” work – the time-consuming, mundane task of collecting, preparing, and cleaning disparate data. We offer a Generalized Cleansing component for Pentaho® and Microsoft SQL Server® Integration Services (SSIS) to help automate and prepare data for the cleansing process. This empowers users to build custom data cleansing scripts for data suffering from a wide range of errors and inconsistencies. With the component, data stewards have the ability to standardize and validate inventory lists to better prep and cleanse data prior to analysis.

  • Cleanse any type of data and achieve a higher standard of data quality for integration, warehousing, and analytics
  • Gain greater control of your data when optimized, and save your business time and resources
  • Customize and create rules (triggering) to standardize data
Data Cleansing - Clean, Standardize, and Reformat Any Data Type

Ways to Access Generalized Cleansing

Generalized Cleansing - Integrations and Plugins

Integrations and Plugins

Clean address data directly in popular programs including:


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How it Works

The Generalized Cleansing component enables users to clean, standardize, and reformat any data type – from changing casing or capitalization, adding or removing punctuation, expanding or contracting abbreviations, and searching and replacing any parts of a string. The tool applies different cleansing operations to your data integration and warehousing efforts. Our component has six main cleansing operations:

  • Punctuation
    Add or remove punctuation.

  • Abbreviation
    Expand or contract abbreviations, for example: CA to California

  • Search & Replace
    Replace portions of a string

  • Expressions
    Create programmatic expressions to make sense of data values

  • Regex
    Use regular expressions to extract, validate, etc.

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