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Property Data

Add Our Property-Centric Data to Your Records for Data-Driven Insight and Analytics

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U.S. Property and Mortgage Data

Our custom property data solutions give you fresh, accurate real estate and property data on over 140 million U.S. properties including parcel and building information, calculated value, homeowner and mortgage information, sales history, and more. When you add detailed property data to your in-house records, you’ll gain the competitive edge and capitalize on market opportunities. This service is ideal for lenders, real estate professionals, investors, and insurance agents.

Ways to Access Melissa's Property Data Solutions

Property Data - Cloud Service

Cloud Service

Compatible with multiple protocols including JSON, SOAP, XML, and REST


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Property Data - Integrations and Plugins

Integrations and Plugins

Add detailed property data directly in popular programs including:


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Property Data - Service Bureau

Service Bureau

Batch processing that adds the property data you want. Quick turnaround (1-2 days) or ask about Automated FTP...


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Property Data Elements Available

Our service provides property data on over 140 million U.S. propreties. Here are the main categories of information available, and you can view all 165 data elements here.

Parcel Information (FIPS, APN, Lat/Long, Tract, Tax Code Area, Zoning, No. Buildings)

  • Subdivision Information (Property Address Information, Owner Information (Name and Phone)
  • Owner Mail Address Information
  • Values Information (Calculated, accessed, appraised Land/Value/Improvement/Market)
  • Current Sale Information (Recording, Sale Date/Price/Name, Title Company)
  • Current Trust Deed Information (Mortgage, Deed, and Lender information)
  • Prior Sale Information
  • Lot / Land Information (Footage, Lot, and Acreage)
  • Square Footage Information (Universal, Building, Living, Ground, Garage)
  • Building Information (Year Built, No. Bedrooms/Baths, AC, Bldg Code, Condition, Garage Construction, Heating, Fireplace, Parking, Pool, Roof, Utilities)
Our Property Services Provide a Wealth of Data with over 140 million U.S. properties with a total of 165 data elements.

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