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Global Email Verification

The Simple Solution to Improve Email Deliverability

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Global Email Verification

Melissa’s Global Email Verification Service can remove up to 95% of bad email addresses to increase deliverability, avoid high bounce rates and blacklisting, and protect your valuable sender reputation.

  • Ping each email to ensure it is active and can receive mail to ensure a successful campaign
  • Improve deliverability by correcting typos and illegal characters that lead to high bounce rates
  • Reduce fraud by confirming only valid, not fake emails enter your systems
  • Maintain CAN-SPAM compliance with FCC mobile domain detection

Ways to Access Global Email Cloud Service

Global Email Verification - On Premise API

On-Premise API

Multiplatform, multifaceted support for the following platforms: Java®, Visual C#®, Windows®, PHP, Oracle®, Linux®, Solaris®, HP UX®. Internet connectivity is required for real-time mailbox validations.


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Global Email Verification - Cloud Service

Cloud Service

Compatible with multiple protocols including JSON, SOAP, XML, and REST


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Global Email Verification - Integrations & Plugins

Integrations and Plugins

Clean address data directly in popular programs including:


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Global Email Verification - Service Bureau

Service Bureau

Send us your file for quick batch cleansing and fast turnaround. Automated FTP also available.


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Our Global Email Verification quickly corrects, standardizes and verifies emails in real-time.

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Real-Time Email Verification - Global Email Express, Premium - Validate Inbox Live

Real-Time Email Mailbox Verification

Two levels of service are available depending on your speed and accuracy needs.

  • Global Email Premium provides real-time email mailbox checking domain-specific logic as well as SMTP commands and other proprietary mechanisms to validate inboxes live. This can take up to 12 seconds per email address. Our built-in “time-to-wait” option allows you to customize how long you want customers to wait for a real-time validation.

  • Global Email Express offers higher speeds and performance than Premium by using a cached inbox validation database of known good and bad emails. All emails sent to the service will also be cached so they can be re-evaluated within a 90-day cycle.

Email Address and Domain Correction

Identifies common syntax errors, illegal characters, and parses individual components. Verifies domain name against a database of known good and bad domains. Checks and corrects most misspelled domain names, standardizes casing.

Email Address Verification and Domain Correction - Identify Common Errors - Correct and Standardize Domains
Email Address Validation - FCC Mobile Domain Detection

FCC Mobile Domain Detection

Global Email is enhanced with a list of mobile domain names updated by wireless service providers. This feature assists in maintaining CAN-SPAM compliance by indicating mobile email addresses that marketers are prohibited from subscribing without permission.

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